Why Choose ESUI® Feminine Hygiene Wash?

Why use ESUI® Feminine Hygiene Wash and why it is different from others?

  • ESUI® Feminine Hygiene Wash contains Natural Herbal Plant Extracts from Nature's Pharmacy, which are known for their properties in aiding vaginal symptoms, unpleasant odors, and toning & tightening of the vaginal area.
  • Manufactured using Nanotechnology.
  • Maintains optimal vaginal pH levels helping to maintain the vagina's microbial balance and natural acidity.
  • ESUI® contains only natural soaps from plant extracts.
  • Esui has a pleasant fragrance which is derived naturally from natural plant oils, without the addition of perfumes.
  • ESUI® s products are manufactured to adhere to the most rigid standards in the world and has passed testing by the Health Sciences Authority, Singapore and the Malaysian Ministry of Health approvals.
  • ESUI® has received awards for Asia Pacific Super Health Brand & Top Asia Pacific Exscellence Brand.
  • ESUI® has Halal Certification by the HFC International (Halal Food Council International) S.E.A. & Asia Region.

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