Clinically Proven

Clinical Improvement (1) - Vaginal Toning

- Patient A: 27, mother of 2 children, prominent toning effect on vagina 3 days after usage.

- Patient B: 31, married with 1 child, with chronic problems of vaginal prolapse. Used ESUI® for 1 month and regain normal vaginal tone.

- Patient C: 38, mother of 4. Severe vaginal prolapsed after 4th delivery. Continuos usage of ESUI® up to 2 months Used ESUI® for 1 month and regain normal vaginal tone.

Clinical Improvement (2) - Vaginal Lubrication

- Patient A: 36, vaginal dryness causing painful sexual intercourse. Regain normal lubrication after 1 month of ESUI® usage.

- Patient B: 42, vaginal dryness due to perimenopausal syndrome. Tried ESUI® for 3 weeks and regain normal lubrication and achieved orgasm.

- Patient C: 29, Idiopathic vaginal dryness improved after 10 days of ESUI® usage

Clinical Improvement (3) - Vaginal Discharges

- Patient A: 30,Persistent vaginal discharge for years. Slight increase in discharge in the first week of ESUI® usage. Discharge reduce from day 14th.

- Patient B: 23,Vaginal discharge since 16. Discharge increase one week after usage of ESUI® and gradually decrease.

- Patient C: 33, greenish vaginal for 3 months. Few days after applying ESUI® there are massive increase of discharge. This gradually disappear after 10 days of continual application.

Clinical Improvement (4) - Vaginal Itchiness

- Patient A: Severe itchiness to the extent that her scratches causes injuries to the vagina. She used ESUI® twice daily and improved remarkably In 2 weeks.

- Patient B: Persistent itchiness of vagina. Marked improvement after 1 week.

- Patient C: Vaginal itchiness for months.Slight increase of itchiness after usage and gradually decreses from 2 weeks.

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