Labisia Pumila萃取物

  • Labisia Pumila萃取物
  • 被马来西亚医药研究学院心脏、糖尿病及营养研究中心主任Wan Nazaimoon Wan Mahmud博士鉴定为效力最强的植物性雌激素
  • 在临床试验中显示超强的“雌激素受体调节素”作用
  • 向来被马来民族使用,以缩紧产后的生殖器官
  • 本萃取物的纳米分子,可直接穿透阴道细胞,刺激阴道组织增生,通过此作用达到缩紧阴部的功效
  • Postpartum Herb Investigated

    Source: Medical Tribune
    Publisher: MediMedia Asia
    01 November 2002

    MALAYSIA-Local researchers are studying a herb traditionally used by women during their postpartum confinement period.

    According to Dr Wan Nazaimoon Wan Mahmud, head of the Cardiovascular, Diabetic & Nutrition Research Center at the Institute for Medical Research, Labisia pumila var alata (Kacip Fatimah) is being studied in an Intensified Research in Priority Areas (IRPA) project under the National Biotechnology Directorate.

    Dr Wan Nazaimoon explained that L pumila was traditionally consumed in the form of capsules or drinks. The herbal concoction has been claimed to facilitate the postpartum contraction of the uterine and vaginal wall.

    The IMR study aims to determine whether L pumila has estrogenic and/or androgenic activity that can be correlated to its traditional indications.

    In addition, they intend to find out if the activity is due to phytoestrogens or SERMs (selected estrogen receptor modulators), or due to a single compound or more, or is a synergistic effect.

    Dr Wan Nazaimoon outlined the research strategy, saying the team had decided to produce an extract using the traditional method of slow boiling the herb to obtain a water extract. The extract was then spray-dried and used in animal studies.

    The dose-response effect of the extract on the reproductive hormones of female rats has been completed, and the optimum dose obtained. The equivalent dose for human trials will be calculated from these results.

    In the clinical trials to be carried out at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), the extract will be given as a herbal supplement to healthy women and their hormonal profile assessed. This data will be used for reference and standardization.

    The team has also completed studies on the cytotoxic and the proliferative effects of the extract on human cancer cells - breast, liver and cervix - with no adverse effect observed.

    Researchers from Universiti Malaysia Sabah and Forest Research Institute Malaysia are jointly working on this study.

    The Oestrogenis and Cytotoxic Effects of the Extracts of Labisia pumila var. alata and Labisia pumila var. pumila In Vitro. JAM1A A. JAMAL, HOUGHTON P. J., MILLIGAN S. R. & IBRAHIM JANTAN. Jurnal Sains Kesihatan Malaysia 1 Julai/Julv 2003


  • Aqueous, acid hydrolysed and ethanolic extracts of the roots and leaves of Labisia pumila var. alata and Labisia pumila var. alata and Labisia pumila var. pumila were investigated for their oestrogenic and cytotoxic effects using Ishikawa cell line by performing an in vitro Ishikawa alkaline phosphatase assay and an in vitro protein assay, respectively.
  • Among them, only the ethanol extract of the root of L. pumila var. alata exhibited a weak oestrogenic activity at 10-50 mg/ml.
  • The samples that exhibited significant cytotoxic effect were the ethanol extract of the roots of L. pumila var. alata (IC50 433 mg/ml), and the aqueous extracts of the roots of L. pumila var. alata (IC50 433 mg/ml) and the leaves of L. pumila var. pumila (IC50 458 mg/ml).
  • Key words: Labisia pumila, ethanol extract, oestrogenic activity, cytotoxic effect

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